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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Why #MyHusbandRocks

Yesterday was a major milestone in my husband's career. He celebrated 18 years with the same company, Maersk Line. In today's world, when some people change jobs so often due to relocation, being laid off, or just because they want to do something different, we have been blessed as a family with a steady job for our entire married life.

I remember the day Carl Irish interviewed at Maersk. He sat with my Team Leader, directly across from me. Our Manager introduced him to our little area as the guy who worked at his grocery store. The truth was that Carl was about to graduate from Rutgers with a Bachelors Degree and was working the night shift as the Front End Manager. He has always been a very industrious worker, and a great provider.

We became great friends, and at one point our desks were behind each other so we were back to back and could chat all day. We hung out at Happy Hours, were friends with the same crowds, and our first date was to a mutual friend's birthday party. A few months later my grandfather pulled him into the family photo at a family wedding, so he knew he was stuck with me. Several months later he asked me to spend the rest of his life with me, and I said YES YES YES!!

October 3, 1998, One of the Happiest Days of my Life

We were living in New Jersey, and as soon as we got back from our honeymoon Carl put his name on the transfer list for Charleston. The first time his name came up we turned it down after much prayer because his father was sick and we knew we needed to be available to his mom. What a blessing because during his father's last days we were able to be there and Carl's manager allowed him as much time as he needed to grieve and help his mom get things settled. 

A few months after that, we found out that his office would be closing. I was still in the Corporate Office, so my job was safe, but he was offered a management position. In Charleston! Our dream! We jumped on it and our new life began, and we celebrated our first anniversary in the Holy City. I began a part-time job helping with training and then working on a project in another department, and we found out that Katie was on the way. Our wonderful company threw us a baby shower that filled her closets and our nursery with everything we needed, and took care of us when I was on bed rest and had surgery a few days before she was born. Carl's department even came out in force and moved us into our new house when I wasn't allowed out of bed for more than 30 minutes a day!

The best daddy in the entire world December 2000!!

When Topher came along, Carl's managers allowed him to again make it to every OB appointment. He was there when we first saw our little rice baby at 7 weeks, and again when we got to see  his whole little self at 20 weeks. What a blessing to have my husband who had a job where he could put his family as a priority!

Our family is complete September 2002!!

Because of Maersk, our Daddy has been there for every first day of school, every program, every graduation, every major doctor's appointment, every surgery, every ER visit in the middle of the afternoon! 

When we found out, when Carl was out of town on business, that the Charleston office would be closing, I was home alone and he called to tell me before I saw it on the news. He had to interview for a new position and we were so blessed with a new job, a full relocation and a house buy-out when we moved to the Charlotte office. Maersk has taken care of our family in so many ways. Even our insurance rocks, and you know how much we need that!

The Irishes move into a green house in Fort Mill July 2008

Babe, thank you for taking care of our family. Thank you for always putting us first. And CONGRATULATIONS for celebrating 18 years with a wonderful company. Love you!!


  1. I'm reading this and crying. You may have multiple health issues you're struggling with, but I would trade places with you in a heartbeat. You have truly been blessed with a loving, supportive, caring husband. Love you sweetie!