How the diagnosis of an autoimmune immune deficiency disease filled me with more Grace
than I ever imagined and how I am now living in that Grace each day.

Friday, June 15, 2012

Port Placement - Success

On Tuesday morning bright and early we trekked to CMC Main, or what Carl is now calling our second home. The car actually drove itself I think. We were blessed to have Topher going to VBS with Laurie and her kids, and Katie spent the day with the Kellers (Thanks Terri and kids!!). It is so much easier to relax when I know my children are well cared for and happy. 

When we arrived, like always, everyone took such good care of me. I was escorted to my little room, got changed, had my blood work done, and then the moment of truth: IV time. Now, I had asked my nurse if Carl could be in the room, and he said that he preferred to place the IV then bring family, so I started praying that he would get it on the first stick. I haven't had an IV on the first stick since Katie's birth, and I knew my veins were still tired from my hospital stay, but I was really hopeful. I just started praying, and my nurse Jason explained everything he was doing, including using a smaller than usual needle and placing the IV in my "elbow pit" (the inside part of your elbow, a horrible place to have an IV, but an easier stick especially for short procedures when not using a pump). 

Here's the miracle: I didn't feel anything at all. He made it on the first stick. My vein didn't blow. When he was done, he backed up, threw his hands in the air, and said, "Thank you, Jesus!" I immediately said the same, and told him that there were about 50 women praying for him that morning that he would get that IV on the first stick! He was amazed and said that when he looked at my arms he didn't see it happening but with my history he didn't want to have to keep sticking me. 

He sent for Carl, and we had a wonderful talk about MOPS and what I do for MOPS and how his wife was involved several years back when their children were little. I felt like I had an angel in the room with me, and everything from that point on was almost enjoyable, as pre-op questioning goes. 

The procedure went very well. Apparently after they gave me the Xanax I was a bit obsessed with telling them to place the port inside of where my tan line was so that my bra wouldn't hit the port. The surgeon was laughing when he came back to check on me in post-op and said that the whole way through the procedure I kept asking if it was clearly inside my tan line and telling him that I have sensory issues and didn't want my bra to touch the port. Oh, boy. He said they laughed every time I said it, and thankfully, everything is fine and  the port clears any straps I might want to wear. 

The pain was a bit more than I expected. However I also have a severe ear infection on that same side and the drainage is coming down the same side of my neck as the port so it all came together, Also, I had a bit of a reaction to the adhesive, so once I took the bandage off, I did feel much better. I am still taking it easy 3 days afterwards, but I did take the kids to the pool wearing a t-shirt to keep everything covered today. There is also some not so pretty bruising, but that will clear up I'm sure. I am quite anemic, so I bruise very easily.

Thanks for your continued prayers. Obviously I am still coming down with infections, so I am looking forward to starting my infusions next week. 

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  1. So thankful that the procedure went well and giggled through my tears for you at the placement request. :)
    It is so awesome to know God is with us by the people he brings along to help. Thankful with you for your "angel" in the room. Praying often for you sweet lady.