How the diagnosis of an autoimmune immune deficiency disease filled me with more Grace
than I ever imagined and how I am now living in that Grace each day.

Friday, June 8, 2012

New Jewelry

When you have a port in your chest, you need to make sure that people know about it. Not like I need to announce it wherever I go (unless you hug me too hard, then I might yip like a poodle), but ICE. In Case of Emergency. 

I have had a MedicAlert bracelet for almost 15 years. Because of medication I am on, my random medication allergies, and the fact that I am blind in my right eye and sometimes it does it's own thing. When we got married Carl got me a very pretty 14K gold ID bracelet, and we attached part of his Figaro Chain to it to make it pretty. I have worn that on my arm every day of my life, except for when they make me remove it for medical procedures. It goes right on after that. 

Well, with the port, I need a new one that says that I have a Power Port. I have also developed some new medicine allergies, as well as my fun new Immune Deficiency that needs to be on there. The 14K wasn't in the budget, but I did end up with this two tone stainless steel number: 
What I like about it is that it has enough gold tone that I can take it and have my gold Figaro Chain added back onto it with the lobster clasp. 

If you ever need a medical ID bracelet, I HIGHLY recommend MedicAlert. They keep track of all your medical issues, medications, surgeries, and there is a 24-7 number that is on the bracelet that a medical provider or EMT can call to get your whole history in case of emergency. Can't wait to get my new jewelry!

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  1. I wish I could convince my mom to wear one of these. Instead, she has waffled for 4 years (!) about what kind she wants. Thank you for doing this... I am sure it gives your family a certain measure of peace.