How the diagnosis of an autoimmune immune deficiency disease filled me with more Grace
than I ever imagined and how I am now living in that Grace each day.

Monday, October 1, 2012

ODP12 Day 1

This morning I didn't want to get out of bed OR get dressed. I thought that I would be so excited to get started with the project that I would jump out of bed. Not so much. I was up half the night with pains in my leg, deep aches that would not allow me to get comfortable. I was also coughing. I knew that little man would be sleeping in since he was staying home sick, so I would be able to sleep in a bit. 

I had a Chiropractor appointment because I hadn't been in over a week, since before my surgery. So I got up, put on some makeup, and tried to get my photographer to feel well enough to snap a photo. Poor kid, he was really feeling shaky hence the slightly blurry pictures. 

The dress - by itself. Lands' End Cotton Modal Fit & Flare Dress, bought on sale with coupon and free shipping. Machine Wash & Dry (but I will probably hang it to keep it looking good).

Day One: Black/Ivory Pinstripe Flare jacket (TJ Maxx), Alegria shoes (super on sale), favorite CZ drop earrings, glasses, wedding ring and a spot of makeup.

I did come home and put my jammies back on to take a nap. Hoping to feel better tomorrow.... 


  1. You look great as always Shawna Lee :) And I love the "new" blog. Hope you can get some relief today.

  2. Looking good! I just love that color on you I can't wait to see how you rock the Dress project this year! One of these years I am going to have to join you on the mission of doing with less! Hugs!