How the diagnosis of an autoimmune immune deficiency disease filled me with more Grace
than I ever imagined and how I am now living in that Grace each day.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

ODP12 Days 8 & 9

It has been one of those weeks. Monday was what I refer to as Hydration Day. It is the day before my IVIG infusion when I drink more fluids, mostly water and Gatorade, than I think is humanly possible. Of course, that also means I pee more than a woman who is 9 months pregnant, but it helps me avoid the worst of the side effects (migraine, nausea, rash, chills & shaking, increased blood pressure) that I tend to suffer from. This is easier said than done, especially if I am running around, taking care of children, and visiting my dad at the hospital. All of which I did on Monday.

Before I left Dad on Friday, he asked me to bring him a Dairy Queen Blizzard with Pecans. I put my dress on, ran to the mall to the DQ, and brought him a Blizzard. When I walked in, I told him that I had his Blizzard. He was happy to see me, but in a panicked voice told me to open the window. I opened the curtains, and he said, "I don't see any snow, be careful driving!" He talked about it snowing for the next 15 minutes, until he asked my why his hand was cold. I told him he was holding his "milkshake" (didn't want to alarm him about snow again!), and he was convinced that the bats were cold and that they shouldn't be playing baseball in the snow. He's very disoriented, but he did tell me he loved me and knew that I was in the room. I did have to laugh, he told me to be careful driving in the snow when I left.

Day 8: Dress; brown cardi (5 years old), brown tights, brown tooled Dansko clogs, jade cardigan from Target. Double chins are for your entertainment only....I was laughing at my photographer.....
My photographer wearing her dress; brown cardigan from Target, tights, brown cowboy boots from Target, beautiful scarf as a belt on loan from her BFF neighbor, and necklace made by women in Africa, gift from MOPS Field Leader Training.

Went to bed saying I wasn't going to wear the dress to infusion, but decided that I really should. Dress + layers actually kept me warm in the 57 degree room, and I knew I wouldn't be wearing it on the 10th, recovery day. 

Day 9: Dress, grey & ivory striped tee from Target, 4 years ago, grey leggings, charcoal cardigan, Infusion zebra slipper boots (gift from the Ah-mazing Tracey Solomon), and IV pole that was going to the potty with me when this shot was taken. I also had my Alegria patent Mary Janes on when I took the slippers off. Dress is actually perfect for accessing my port.

There are three of us who have these boots. Three of us who pray for each other, who are dealing with physical illnesses and other crises, three of us who lean on each other when we feel like we can't do it on our own. At MOPS Convention this year, Tracey found these in the gift shop. She bought them for me, Athena and herself. When we wear them, we look down and know to pray for each other. They are Zebra print for my CVID, they are Cowboy boots, for Athena who lives in Montana, and they have blue designs on them, for Tracey's husband Kyle who is courageously kicking Prostate Cancer's Butt!! 

So today, I did not don the dress. I slept until noon, argued with a Case Worker that she NEEDS to keep me in the loop, fought with my Dad's 401k company, and slept in between with a major headache but no chills or shakes. Tomorrow, I will re-assess and decide if I am going to continue with the project. I have so few days to be with my Dad, and I am not sure if I want to deal with the Red Dress and making it look presentable. 

Oh, and I made several of my friends giggle when I put out an APB for Toilet Paper on Facebook tonight. Mama can't drive, we have a dead battery in the van, and my sweet hubby has been running carpool and Boy Scout errands since he got off work, And Topher is on MIRALAX!! We need Toilet Paper, people!

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  1. Oh the Miralax! Hope you got the much needed TP!

    I LOVE that those slippers represent each of you, and reminds you to pray for each other!