How the diagnosis of an autoimmune immune deficiency disease filled me with more Grace
than I ever imagined and how I am now living in that Grace each day.

Sunday, September 30, 2012

October Dress Project 2012

Last year I was blessed to be involved with some amazing women in a project that changed how I look at both how I dress and how I consume. The October Dress Project was established when the founder was chatting with her grandfather and he made a statement about how girls in his day had one dress for weekdays and one dress for Sunday. She was inspired to try and dress around one dress for the entire month of October. Thus, the Project was born.

Last year, I started out with gusto! I found my dress, assembled my accessories, and embarked on the project with a flair for fashion and to see if I could do it. Strangely, it was not as difficult as it would seem. There were days where I wasn't as "into" getting gussied up as other days, but I enjoyed dressing around my purple dress. I did decide that a wrap dress, while quite flattering to me and easy to care for, is NOT necessarily an easy dress to pull off if you want to, say, grocery shop or carry items on a breezy day. 
See that hand in my pocket? It's holding my dress from flying away!!

So I chose a dress that is a bit less high maintenance this year. My dress still has a wrap-style top, however the's closed. For safety and modesty's sake! My life has changed so much in the past year that there are many days where I don't even GET dressed, so I wanted something that will not irritate my skin if my skin "hurts", I needed a dress were I would be able to access my port because I will have TWO infusions this month, and I needed something that would be a bring color that would make me look awesome because most days I just don't feel good right now. I am dealing with a post-sinus surgery infection, a possible secondary infection, and my spleen continues to bother me daily. However, thankfully THIS little bandage is gone...I was quite worried how my nose would look in my pictures this month. Yes, I am that vain person.

So today, I am lying in bed, trying to muster up energy to get out of bed tomorrow to start the project. Most days this month, I have doctor appointments. Good times. My anniversary is Wednesday, but we'll be celebrating this weekend, not sure how, but The Dress will be coming along. 

Tomorrow I shall unveil The Dress. Until then, here is an album of last year's photographs. Unfortunately, the link to the Fort Mill Times article and the clip from when I was on Charlotte Today are no longer on the web, but I hope my 2012 October Dress will allow me to touch as many people as my 2011 dress did. And I also have company, since one of my besties and Next Door Neighbor Laurie will be joining me. Follow both of us on Twitter to see our daily outfits!


  1. Yay! I'm excited too... ended up deciding against the red dress though because of the material. It will pick much too easily for 31 days of use. Instead, I'm choosing something from my closet. :)

  2. Can't wait to see what you chose!!

  3. Can't wait to see you rock that dress!